Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Pain

What are the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel?

Usually in Both Hands

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome it's usually in both hands with symptoms being worse in your predominant hand.

  •     Pain in your hands & fingers
  •     Numbness & tingling in your hands
  •     Aching sore hands
  •     Shooting pain up into your elbow
  •     Can't hold or grip a pen
  •     Unable to hold a cup of coffee
  •     Can't hold a phone
  •     Hands become numb when holding a book
  •     Lose sense of touch when driving a car
  •     Loss of strength of forearm muscles & tendons
  •     Restricted micro-circulation to fingers
  •     Swelling & inflammation of tendons & soft tissues
  •     Swollen wrists
  •     Burning sensation in the hand
  •     You are often brought to tears because of the pain
  •     Little or no hand strength
  •     Pain in your wrist wakes you up at night

All of the above symptoms may gradually get worse with time.


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