Numb Hands

Numb Hands Driving you Crazy?

Are Numb Hands Driving you Crazy?

What’s Causing My Numb Hands?

Most numbness in your hands is caused by pinched or damaged nerves. Find out why far infrared treatment can help… Far Infrared Therapy Gloves Alleviate Numb Hands By Boosting Blood Flow And Reducing Nerve Pressure.

Keep Waking Up in the Night

Are you tired of the uncomfortable sensation of numbness in your hands?

Do you keep waking up in the night with the excruciating pain-like sensation of pins-and-needles throbbing through your hands? Is the lack of feeling in your hand so intense that you have to smack them around to get some feeling back? Well, you’re not alone.

Millions of people suffer from this worrisome, and often frustrating, condition. Unfortunately, the precise cause of numbness in your hands is difficult to diagnose, for there are literally dozens of ailments that share this common symptom.

Numb Hands are no joke!

There are so many possible maladies responsible for your hands feeling numb. Your best bet is to seek a professional medical diagnosis, to determine what’s causing the loss of feeling and circulation in your hands. Then make your own decisions about what the best treatment is.

In general, hand numbness is a direct result of pressure on the nerve(s) and/or impaired blood supply to your hands. For example, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a consequence of swollen tendons squeezing the median nerve and Raynaud’s Syndrome is caused by restricted blood flow to the hands.


Wearing Far Infrared Gloves Helps Improve Your Micro-circulation


Far Infrared Rays Restore Feeling

Far Infrared Rays Restore Feeling & Functionality To Your Hands

Far infrared therapy is clinically shown to gently penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissues. This activity enhances micro-circulation and improves cellular functioning while reducing pain and inflammation.

Wear your Far Infrared Therapy Gloves, as often as you can, even at night. For they work to restore your micro-circulation and reduce swelling, while you sleep more soundly. Your hands easily absorb the far infrared rays emitted and reflected from our special patented formula. The calming feeling you get from natural far infrared light is quite remarkable. Your hands will sigh with relief as you begin to feel less anguish and more rested. You deserve this effective natural treatment. Your hands will thank you for it!

The good feeling comes from far infrared light rays stimulating blood flow at the molecular level. Fresh oxygen and nutrients reach damaged nerves, relieve swollen pressure, and restore the health of your hands. Once you begin to understand the basics of how far infrared therapy works, it’s not such a mystery, for it makes perfect sense. You don’t have to comprehend the scientific workings of FIR to still get the healing benefits. Just try Far Infrared Therapy Gloves and you can feel the difference!.


Common Symptoms of Numb Hands:

List of Symptoms to help you diagnose your condition. Symptoms may vary in intensity and often occur simultaneously. loss of sensation to part or all of your hand loss of feeling (can be from Raynaud's Phenomenon) tingling (usually nerve blockage, like Carpal Tunnel) pins & needles (usually nerve blockage, like Carpal Tunnel) a burning sensation possible discoloration

Poor circulation

Poor circulation in the hands can be the result of many different occupations and ailments.

Here are just a few:

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