Raynaud's Product

A Unique Product for Raynaud’s

That’s right. You heard me right.

When you wear Far Infrared Therapy Gloves on a continuous basis, you can expect rejuvenation of your hand’s circulatory system.

Far infrared rays gently penetrate the soft tissues of your hands and begin a number of therapeutic processes that lead to the rejuvenation of tiny capillaries, blood vessels, and nerves. This process helps to prevent and reverse the damaging effects of repetitive Raynaud's attacks.


Good Gloves for Raynaud's


Far Infrared Open Fingertip Gloves

Open Finger Far Infrared Gloves

If you suffer from Trigger Thumb or Trigger Finger, these gloves are for
you. Why? Because the natural FIR energy actually reduces the
inflammation of the tendon sheath that is causing the your fingers to
snap, crackle and pop!

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