How To Avoid CTS Surgery

We Were Able to Avoid CTS Surgery by Wearing Prolotex FIR Gloves

Is there Non-Surgical Treatment for Carpal Tunnel?

Non-Invasive Far Infrared Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your hands easily absorb the far infrared rays emitted and reflected from our special patented formula of bio-ceramics that are impregnated into the fibers of therapy gloves and wraps.

These gentle healing light rays penetrate deep into the soft tissue of your hands and stimulate blood flow at the molecular level.

Dormant, stagnant cells are unplugged, allowing nasty toxins that are restricting your circulation and flexibility to be flushed out.

Tendons become sore and inflamed for more reasons than just being overworked. If they don’t receive fresh oxygen and nutrients, via your circulation, then how are they going to stay strong, flexible and healthy?

Also, your body stores (encapsulates) toxins within the cells. This can negatively impact the normal functioning of your joints and tendons by reducing elasticity and strength.

Natural far infrared rays (FIR) help release stored toxins in the cells by stimulating cellular metabolism.

FIR increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues in your wrists, hands, and fingers.

This activity reduces chronic pain, encourages healing, relaxation, comfort, and provides stress relief!


7 (Great) Reasons Why FIR Therapy Gloves Relieve Wrist Pain and Hand Numbness Caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wear and tear of our wrist joints is a common part of life. We tend to stress our wrists doing almost anything.

Whether it’s lifting heavy objects in awkward ways, or prolonged stationary hand positions, like typing or knitting, Therapy Gloves can help relieve your pain, reduce swelling and promote healing in your wrists and hands. Here’s Why…

1. Micro-circulation is Stimulated

Far infrared rays emitted and reflected from our glove’s special patented material penetrate deep into the soft tissues of your wrist and hands stimulating circulation at the molecular level.

2. Thermo Warmth is Generated

By a process known as “resonance absorption”, far infrared rays dilate blood vessels and tiny capillaries in your wrist and hands. This miraculous process helps reduce pain and swelling of the tendons that run through the carpal tunnel, helping to alleviate pressure on the median nerve.

3. Inflammation is Reduced

As the micro-circulation in your wrists and hands improve, blocked energy pathways open up and inflammation is reduced.

4. Toxins Are Released

You may not know this, but toxins are a big factor in causing pain in your wrists. Uric acid crystals accumulate in the joint and hurt every time you bend your wrist. Far infrared rays actually break apart these toxic crystals and eliminate them from your joints.

5. Pain is Eased

When you wear Therapy Gloves, far infrared rays emitted stimulate micro-circulation, reduce swelling, and flush toxins. This is the part of the cause of your pain. Once the wrist joint begins to heal, pain is relieved!

6. Healing Process is Accelerated

By stimulating the circulation within the wrist joints and carpal tunnel, FIR therapy helps improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed to help reverse tendons suffering from repetitive stress. This safe natural treatment also speeds the healing process.

7. Your Wrists are Strengthened

Tendons and ligaments are strengthened once micro-circulation is increased and toxins are flushed from your wrists and hands. Why? The rejuvenation of the cells within the tendons and nerves that run through the carpal tunnel reduces swelling, increases feeling and promotes flexibility again.


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