Raynaud's Syndrome Treatment

Treating the Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Raynaud’s Syndrome is no joke!

Fight Back With Far Infrared

Wearing alternative Far Infrared Gloves regularly will help reduce the pain and frequency of Raynaud's attacks.

Far infrared rays work by stimulating blood flow to the small capillaries in your hands.

Fight back against the long-term and damaging effects caused by Raynaud’s.

Customer Message:

I went to the Doctor and they said I have Raynaud's Syndrome. Put me in a Splint for 2 weeks told me to take Aleve night and morning for 2 weeks charged $136.50 went back in 2 weeks said if it got worse she would scheldule me for surgery charged another $75.00. 2 months later recieved a bill for $36.45 for the splint. I ordered your gloves have worn them at night for 10 days and they have helped me sooooo much. I am going to order more of these gloves. Thank you Carla

Improve Circulation to Your Hands

Infrared Gloves Help Your Hands Stay Warmer

Far Infrared Therapy Gloves gently emit and reflect far infrared rays (FIR) deep into the soft tissues of your hands. This process helps to rejuvenate the damage done by Raynaud's.

Recurring Raynaud’s attacks to the hands increase the likelihood of yet another occurrence. Far infrared stimulates the micro-circulation in your fingers and hands by a natural process known as "resonance absorption".

FIR increases the delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients via the bloodstream, helping to repair the damage done by this debilitating condition. No other therapy can reach you at such a level. We’re talking “micro” repair to your damaged blood vessels and capillaries. This is where actual rejuvenation begins.

Take a stand against the painful and damaging effects of repetitive Raynaud’s attacks by wearing Far Infrared protective Therapy Gloves.


Study on Raynaud's Proves FIR Gloves Work

Far Infrared Open Fingertip Gloves

Open Finger Far Infrared Gloves

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