Top Twenty Five (25) Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Far Infrared?

Far infrared is a vital source of "light" energy that you're probably not getting enough of. It's part of the electromagnetic spectrum of sunlight that’s safe and extremely beneficial to your health.

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2. What’s the relationship between infrared rays & health?

Just understanding the basic correlation between FIR and your health will simply amaze you. This incredible "biogenetic energy" is a fundamental catalyst to improving and maintaining your complete wellness.

Specific wavelengths of far infrared (6-14 microns) are easily absorbed deep within the cells of your skin and soft tissues. Once these “vital rays” come in contact with proteins, collagen and fats, they 'fire' micro-circulation, fine-tune cellular functioning, and flush toxins from the body.

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3. What’s the recommended micron far infrared wave length?

In order for you to receive any benefit from far infrared, it must be within a specific range of FIR wavelengths. I can’t help but chuckle every time I here this question, because it doesn’t really matter what anyone recommends. Your body’s cells will only absorb 6-14 micron wavelengths of far infrared rays, the rest will pass through harmlessly. Looks like mother nature is the only one with authority on this one.

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4. How deep will the Far Infrared Rays penetrate?

The answers I’ve heard to this particular question over the years appear to be all over the map! Everything from a few centimeters to 4.5 inches. I think the bottom line is really that far infrared penetrates deep within the living tissues of your body. If you want the numbers, then I think these are the most accurate to date: 1.5 to 2.8 inches (approx. 3.75 - 7 cm).

5. What are " Bio-ceramics"?

The bio-ceramics we fuse into Far Infrared materials are made up of a special formula of natural lead-free stones and minerals, like Silica Oxide (SiO2). These bio-ceramics absorb and emit far infrared rays (FIR).

6. How are Bio-Ceramics made?

26 kinds of ceramics with various mineral oxides are mixed together.
When mixed together, these materials naturally emit FIR (Far Infrared Rays)
Mixture is then heated together at 1600'C. Once cooled the formula is then called "Bio-Ceramics"
Bio-Ceramics are capable of emitting FIR (Far Infrared Rays), also known as "biogenetic rays".

7. What is Prolotex™?

The brand Prolotex™ has unfortunately gone out of business. We are working to find new and improved brands that will help treat your hand pain.

8. Where are Far Infrared Gloves made?

Far Infrared Gloves are made for us in Mexico, China, Taiwan & the USA

9. How do Far Infrared Therapy Gloves work?

Most of our Far Infrared Therapy Gloves are made with the ultimate bio-ceramic patented formula. Over the years, we have learned to perfect the balance of these special materials in order to offer you the most effective therapy glove on the market today.
This revolutionary nanotech formula is impregnated into the fibers of our gloves, offering the best possible absorption, reflection, and emission of health benefiting far-infrared rays.
Here are just a few of the benefits our gloves will help you enjoy:

  • Decreased joint stiffness
  • Relieved muscle spasms
  • Increased blood flow
  • Reduced pain and agony
  • Repaired soft tissue injuries
  • Increased the extensibility of collagen tissue

10. Do the Gloves need to be plugged in or recharged?

No. You do not need to use any electrical plug-ins or batteries for Far Infrared Therapy Gloves to work. The healing FIR is emitted from the bio-ceramics that were fused into the fibers of material.

11. Do Far Infrared Gloves relieve pain?

Numerous clinical tests conducted on the efficacy of far infrared products have concluded that they can significantly help to relieve pain. Customers who wear Far Infrared Gloves have reported convincing pain relief from numerous types of ailments including arthritis, rheumatism, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness of extremities, sports injuries, circulatory problems, and more...

12. Is there any medical proof?

Numerous medical studies have proven the benefiting efficacy of far infrared. Dr. Sasaki Kyuo, M.D. has conducted the most extensive research on the therapeutic uses of far infrared therapy. She is the author of "The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy". Read more about research.

13. What are the benefits of wearing Far Infrared Therapy Gloves?


  • Activates the water molecules in your hands
  • Increases the level of oxygen to the cells
  • Reduces swelling and pain
  • Provides penetrating warmth
  • Improves both micro & macro circulation
  • Improves muscle tone and grip strength
  • Promotes cellular regeneration and fast healing
  • Improves the autonomic functions of the nerves
  • Reduces toxins & lactic acid buildup in the muscle tissue
  • Reduces fatty acids in the tissues
  • Helps flush toxins & waste by-products from the cells
  • Lightweight, comfortable & soothing
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Reduces odors
  • Can be worn 24 hours a day
  • Washable and durable
  • Cost-effective

14. How often can I wear Far Infrared Therapy Gloves?

Far Infrared therapy gloves can conveniently be worn anytime. These special therapeutic gloves are comfortable and soothing. Wear them as often as you like! They can be worn 24/7 without any side-effects.

15. Are there any side-effects?

There are no known negative side-effects from wearing Far Infrared products. As the body rids itself of old toxins and residual buildup, some individuals may experience some initial detoxification symptoms. For example, heavy smokers may react with a mild skin rash. This is usually a good sign the Far Infrared Gloves are working. If you continue to experience prolonged symptoms, discontinue using the product and contact your physician.

16. Will my hands get hot?

As the Far Infrared Energy penetrates into cells and tissues, most customers experience a warming sensation from wearing their gloves. They do not feel hot like a battery operated gadget.

17. Why do my hands start to itch when I wear the gloves?

Maybe 1 in 1000 customers have commented on "itching" when they wear the FIR gloves. All of them smoked cigarettes.
The irritating itching was caused by the stored toxins being released from the cells in your body. You NEED to get rid of these toxic chemicals, and FIR helps detoxify your precious cells.
We suggest that, after a round of washing your gloves and hands, to wear the gloves again. You may need to do this more than once.

18. Is there a possibility I won't feel anything??

Yes, but highly unlikely. The majority of customers who wear our therapeutic gloves tell us they feel the soothing energy within the first 15 minutes. If you are extremely dehydrated, then it may take awhile before you start to feel the beneficial effects.

19. How long does it take to feel the effects?

Time taken to feel the effects will vary depending on the individual's body health. Most customers report an immediate change, while others have noticed a more gradual transition over a longer period of time.

20. How long do Far Infrared Therapy Gloves last?

With proper care, your Far Infrared therapy gloves should last you a very long time. The medical efficacy of the gloves will not wash out if you follow the suggested washing instructions.
Please remember, Far Infrared therapy gloves are designed for therapeutic use only. Far Infrared FIR gloves are not intended for pouring concrete or trimming your rose bushes. Some customers are having success wearing their FIR gloves inside a pair of heavier working gloves, even rubber gloves.

21. Where can I purchase Far Infrared therapy gloves?

You can purchase Far Infrared Therapy Gloves through our online shopping cart. We do not have traditional retail stores.

22. Will the FIR still work if the product is wet?

Yes, the FIR emitted from the material will still work if the gloves are a bit damp or wet. The moisture will not affect the Infrared Rays, provided it doesn't get HOT - like in a Dryer.

23. Are Far Infrared Therapy Gloves & products washable?


  • Hand wash or gentle cycle in cold water (below 15 C or 60 F).
  • Detergent or mild soap can be used.
  • Air dry in room temperature. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.
  • Do NOT dry clean, iron or bleach.
  • Do NOT put in the Dryer.

    24. Are Far Infrared Gloves safe to wear during pregnancy??

    Yes, Our FIR Gloves are safe. In hospital baby care units, incubators are often equipped with infrared heating systems to keep newborn babies warm. You can find out more by searching " far infrared hospital babies " online.

    25. What is in Far Infrared fabric?

    Threads used in Far Infrared fibers are polypropylene, Polyester, or Polymide fibers infused with micro-particles of natural bio-ceramics.

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