Raynaud's Symptoms

Symptoms of Raynaud's Syndrome

Symptoms of Raynaud's

List of Raynaud's Syndrome Symptoms:

  •     Symptoms can vary in length from a few min. to several hours
  •     Numbness in one or several fingers (tips first then more of the finger(s))
  •     Tingling in one or more fingers
  •     Sometimes just one hand is affected
  •     Hands & fingers feel cold
  •     Occasionally parts of one or more fingers may lose sensitivity
  •     Some or part of the fingers may turn a waxy white
  •     Some or part of the fingers may turn a bluish color
  •     Later... some or part of the fingers may turn bright red
  •     Sometimes very painful
  •     Mild to intense throbbing as blood flow returns
  •     "Attacks" can occur weekly or even daily

Raynaud’s attack could well be part of the body’s natural defense mechanism gone awry. Let me explain...

Hyper Reaction Turn Fingers White, Blue & Red

Every time you experience a Raynaud’s attack, blood flow, and oxygen supply is seriously restricted in your hands.

Frequent attacks can result in accumulative damage to your micro-circulatory system.

In other words, the more attacks you have, the more likely they are to occur again. It becomes a vicious cycle!

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