De Quervain's Syndrome

What is De Quervain's Syndrome?

Basically Inflammation

De Quervain's Syndrome is basically inflammation of tendons and the tendon sheath of a specific area of your wrist. Most often the pain is located at the base of the thumb and to the side the wrist.


Washer Woman's Wrist

Before the modern convenience of laundry machines, all soiled clothing was washed by hand creating excessive stresses to the wrists of the house keepers and cleaning staff. One of the more common terms of De Quervain's Syndrome is "Washer Woman's Wrist".

Assembly line workers are particularly susceptible to De Quervain's disease because of the repetitiveness of their jobs.


Treating De Quervain's

De Quervain's Syndrome is classified as an RSI (repetitive stress injury) so one of the most common treatments prescribed is rest. Resting your wrist and thumb will relieve the stress to the tendon sheath. By reducing the stress on the thumb tendons, you will allow the body time to repair the damaged tissues.

For many of us, taking huge amounts of time off work is not an option, so the tendons never have enough time to heal.

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Some doctors prescribe a brace to help immobilize the wrist and thumb. If you wear a brace, you can easily wear Gloves under it and gain the benefits of the stiff brace as well as the therapeutic Far Infrared healing rays emitted from the glove.

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