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Beautiful Hands - More Than Skin Deep

Why we’re so confident

The science speaks for itself. Far infrared rays emitted from Therapy Gloves are proven to enhance the health of your hands. Clinical testing consistently shows the remarkable health benefits of specific wavelengths of FIR


Wearing FIR Helps Improve Your Micro-circulation


How Therapy Gloves Help Your Hands

While you wear Therapy Gloves, soothing rays of far infrared light gently penetrate deep into the soft tissues of your hands. This is a completely safe and natural therapy light with no side effects.

First off, FIR stimulates the circulation at the molecular level, causing tiny blood vessels and capillaries to expand. This cellular activity results in the return of fresh nutrients and oxygen, via the bloodstream, to stagnant cellular areas of your hands.

 Next, far infrared rays spark cellular metabolism and boosts the production of healthy enzymes within the cells. This helps to eliminate toxins and smooths the surface of the skin.

Improve the health of your fingernails

FIR has also been proven to retard the growth of bacteria. So, if you suffer from nail infections, these gloves will be great for you. Protect your fingers and thumbs from the wear and tear of everyday life with a pair of  Therapy Gloves.

Once you begin to improve the cellular health of your hands by wearing Therapy Gloves, special things begin to happen.

FIR energy emitted from the gloves helps to reduce swelling of joints and knuckles, relieves pain, and promotes cellular rejuvenation. Your joints feel more flexible and strength improves. Cuts and scrapes heal faster and overall skin quality rejuvenates.

Far Infrared Gloves for Your Hands

Easy to Wear

Far Infrared Open Fingertip Gloves

Open Finger Far Infrared Gloves

If you suffer from Trigger Thumb or Trigger Finger, these gloves are for
you. Why? Because the natural FIR energy actually reduces the
inflammation of the tendon sheath that is causing the your fingers to
snap, crackle and pop!

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