Sore Hands

Do Your Hands Hurt?

Aching sore hands find relief...

What are you to do?

If you perform the same repetitive motion with your hands and fingers all day long, then the muscles don’t get a chance to recover.

Your palms are sore, your knuckles ache, your fingers hurt. The buildup of toxins and waste by-products (lactic acid) causes your muscles to lose their flexibility, which then places added strain on your tendons and joints. What are you to do?


Wearing Bio-Ceramic Helps Improve Your Micro-circulation


You’ve got to find what works for you!

Sore hands are a universal dilemma. Even though many different types of ailments, injuries, and diseases are the root of the problem, the symptoms are often the same.

Cold, stiff, and painful hands are usually the result of poor micro-circulation. If you can improve circulation, you can dramatically improve the health of your hands.

Far infrared energy rays (FIR) emitted from Therapy Gloves gently penetrate deep into the soft tissues of your hands helping to increase circulation at the molecular level. Essential blood flow is improved, allowing fresh nutrients and oxygen to reach and rejuvenate the afflicted areas of your swollen hands.

FIR also has the unique ability to facilitate the breakdown and release of toxins stored in the cells. What a difference this can make. Imagine wearing these surprisingly soothing gloves while you're sleeping, only to wake and find your hands are feeling a lot better.

Are You Losing Your Grip?

Are you losing the strength in your grip? Do you wake to discover a tingling sensation or numbness in your hands? Do the muscles and joints in your fingers plague you with pain all day long?

Is it becoming progressively harder to perform daily tasks with your hands? If so, then you need to take action to help your hands recover or the problem will only get progressively worse.

Far Infrared Gloves for Your Hands

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Specific Conditions Of Sore Hands

Sore hands is not a specific disease or ailment, but rather the consequence of other particular conditions: Blackberry Thumb Blisters on hands Bruised hand Burns - hands Carpal tunnel syndrome DeQuervain's syndrome Intersection syndrome Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS) Skin Rashes Stenosing tenosynovitis Swollen Hands Tendonitis Tenosynovitis Thoracic outlet syndrome Trigger finger/thumb Ulnar nerve entrapment Many of these disorders are interrelated, so you may suffer from one or more of these conditions simultaneously.

Blackberry Thumb: "BlackBerry Thumb" is a trendy new term to describe an ailment to the tendons of the thumb. This condition is becoming more common among those who do a lot of thumb typing or text messaging on their "Blackberry" phone unit.

Blisters on Hand: Blisters on our hands can be very painful, as we still need to use our hands for most activities. If the blisters are from wear and tear from your work or sports related activities, we suggest wearing  Far Infrared gloves, help to reduce bacteria and will speed up the healing.

Bruised Hands: For something, like a bruise on your hand, the Far Infrared Rays from the gloves, help to flush out the discoloration in damaged cells and reduce the pain tenderness. FIR will improve the microcirculation and speed up the healing process. If your hand bruise was from a work-related incident, you may have had to take some time off from your job. Just by wearing  Far Infrared Gloves, your bruise will be reduced, the tissue healing will be enhanced, and you will get back to work in no time.

Burns - hands: Burns of the hand can mean a serious short, or long-term, disability, and must be treated with care. Depending on the degree of the burns, Far Infrared Gloves can be effective in reducing bacteria and will speed up the healing.

DeQuervain's Syndrome: An inflammation of the sheath of the tendon that controls the thumb. It has also been called "washerwoman's sprain", radial styloid tenosynovitis or De Quervain's disease. When worn on a consistent basis, Far Infrared Gloves will reduce the inflammation and tenderness.

Intersection Syndrome: An inflammation of the tendons on the back of the hand just above the wrist. The inflamed tendons can be very painful and need to be rested. When worn on a consistent basis, Bio-Ceramic gloves can significantly ease your suffering.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS): A term used to describe the blood flow restriction to the skin, capillaries, blood vessels, nerves, and bones in your hands. This sympathetic nervous system reaction to an injury, bruise, or blow can be incapacitating. The nervous system tells the body to protect the area and increases the inflammation and swelling to abnormal levels. Such increased swelling can restrict the vital blood flow to the area of your hand and create secondary problems. Infrared Gloves can reduce the inflammation and allow blood flow to resume.

Skin Rashes:

Stenosing Tenosynovitis:



Thoracic outlet syndrome:

Ulnar nerve entrapment: Ulnar nerve entrapment occurs when the ulnar nerve becomes restricted or compressed and can't function normally. The Ulnar nerve is one of the nerves in the arm behind the inside of the elbow. When squeezed you will feel the tingly sensation or "falling asleep" palpation in the ring finger and little finger, especially when the elbow is bent. Other symptoms included difficulty moving the fingers in and out, manipulating objects, or an aching pain on the inside of the elbow.

Suggested Treatments for Sore Hands

We recommend wearing Far Infrared Therapy Gloves for treating sore hands. The FIR emitted from the gloves helps to reduce your pain. Not only are these little "Miracle Gloves" soft and flexible, but they are non-toxic, so can be safely used by people with sensitive skin.

Conclusion: Far Infrared Therapy Gloves are a cost-effective and worthwhile investment to reduce your hand pain and improve the health of your hands.

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